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How to Make Your Hair Thicker Naturally & Shiny

How to make your hair thicker! Today we are going to help you get beautiful and healthy hair without any side affect, and the best thing is we are going to give you some simple natural ways which will not only help you get beautiful thick healthy hair, but it will actually nourish your hair too and will increase your hair growth too which means you will get beautiful thick, luscious locks of hair without any side affect.

First of all you need to make sure you are eating healthy and well balanced diet and you are taking all the healthy minerals and vitamins you need and it will not only help you get beautiful hair, but it will give you beautiful, healthy and shiner hair too and when you get beautiful from inside out, you get perfect looks.

How to Make Your Hair Thicker

How To Make Your Hair Thicker Natural Remedies

How to make your hair thicker, Get best product possible, if you think that you have to use ready to use products like shampoo, moisturizer and conditioner then you should pick the best one, pick the best volumising shampoo that you can find and afford which will not only give you shine, and volume, but clean your scalp too, cause they contain ingredients that can add moisture to the strands of your hair and make them look more luscious and thicker.

Next thing you should do to get beautiful hair is massage your scalp and it is best if you pick some sort of essential oils for that or you can try without it too, it will help to improve the blood flow and circulation and this will improve the rate of hair growth and add shine in your hair too, you just need to take some warm oil and massage your hair too, you can take any oil you like, but I will say coconut oil or olive oil is best and if you need extra impact then add some peppermint oil and some jojoba oil and massages on a regular basis and you will see tremendous result, it will help you get longer and thicker hair naturally.

How to Make Your Hair Thicker Naturally

You can make your own home made oil for your hair too and for that you need to take 2 tablespoons of olive oil and 3 tablespoons of burdock root oil and add 2 tablespoons of honey and warm it a bit and then massage your scalp for couple of minutes in circular motions till it get fully absorbed and then cover your hair with smooth wet worm cotton towel for 30 minutes and then wash it off with warm water and mild shampoo.

Next thing you need to do is protect your hair from external damage, don’t use too much products, don’t apply too much dye or chemicals, wash your hair with mild shampoo and running water and protect from external and environmental impacts, cover your hair when you have to face too much sun exposure or dust directly.

How to Make Your Hair Thicker Naturally

How to make your hair thicker, Never brush your hair when your hair are wet, you need to understand that your hair follicles are a kind of gel and when we wash our hair, they get wet and delicate and it is very easy to pull hair out of them at that time, so avoid.

You should take some hair vitamins, it is very important and it is a very good idea too, and for that you can try ask your doc to prescribe supplements and hair vitamins according to your health and lifestyle and it will help you with your hair and your looks too.

Best of luck…

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