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How To Make No-Knead Bread

I have already shared so many ways to make homemade bread and home mad loafs and I believe that homemade food does not look as perfect as we see in market, but it taste yummier and fresher that those and for that I always try to make brad for my family and I always make sure that I keep some of slice all the time so I never have to buy from market at all, today I am going to share a simple recipe of No-Knead Bread. It is not only very simple and easy to make, it is unique in taste too. You don’t need to buy any kind of pans or molds for this one, you can make it in any pan, even in a cooker too, but I am using small soup pan. I don’t care how it looks when it is done. For me the taste and the freshness is everything. Normally just make it in a round shape and it look beautiful to me.

How To Make No-Knead Bread
How To Make No-Knead Bread

I am going to show to a step-by-step recipe of famous No-Knead Bread and it is the most simplest and the most easiest bread ever, even a new comer can make it, It’s ridiculously easy, and very forgiving, no matter what you add no matter what you skip, as long you are adding the main ingredients, otherwise you can keep experimenting with baking ratios, volume vs weight, baking scales, and kneading and you still get a yummy bread, this is a very simple No-Knead Bread and you can start your baking with this beautiful recipe for sure.   Now for this bread you need to use oven-safe pot or Dutch oven and if the lid is not oven safe then you can use aluminum foil to cover the pot.

These are the ingredients you need to make No-Knead Bread

3 cups white flour OR bread flour or whole grain
3/4 teaspoon yeast
1 1/4 teaspoon salt
1 1/2 cups slightly warm water

Instructions to make No-Knead Bread

First of all you need to gather all the ingredients in a large bowl, normally people use specific bread yeast, but you can use any yeast you want and it will work for you, now add flour to the bowl and then yeast and mix well and some salt and measure 1 1/2 cups of barely warm water and add into the bowl and stir thoroughly.  Now when you mix it well it will look rough and shaggy, apply some cooking oil all over the dough or apply some melted butter over the top of the dough and now take butter sheet or a thin layer of plastic sheet and cover it all over and rub it round and round and coat it in the oil and cover it with plastic wrap. now just place it in somewhere hot, for at least 6 to 8 hours or more as you like.

How To Make No-Knead Bread
How To Make No-Knead Bread

When it is done, rise almost the double, it will look bubbly and stretched out now unwrap it and apply some oil again and fold it in to a small bowl and then cover it again for at least one hour and then, preheat the oven to 450°F. and then place an oven-safe Dutch oven or pot in the oven and mean while shape the fluffy dough into a small ball and then drop it into the pot, don’t be worried for the shape, you don’t really need to add cut or slash, but you can if you want to. Cover the pot with lit of foil and bake for 30 minutes and then remove the lid from the pot and bake another 20 minutes and then take it out and serve warm, slice and serve No-Knead Bread

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