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How to Green Eyes Makeup For Daytime Step By Step

How to Green Eyes Makeup For Daytime, Today we are going to give you a very simple yet very cute an sensuous look for your beautiful green eyes and before shearing this look I would share some shade with you which will look absolutely cuter with your greens.

How to Green Eyes Makeup

How to Green Eyes Makeup


How to Green Eyes Makeup

Taupe Shadow looks absolutely cute and hot with natural green eyes the warmer undertones are more flattering than ashy brown and this one which has a little sparkle and some shimmer, it will make the golden flecks in your the irises look prominent.


How to Green Eyes Makeup

Slate Gray Liner and your life saves since we feel sometime that heavy black liner look severe on light eyes, especially in the daytime, and especially if you have super pale skin and super dark hair, if you have blond hair then you can add some black, but if you have darker hair then pick creamy charcoal pencil which is not only softer, less overpowering alternative, but it make your look light and delicate too.


How to Green Eyes Makeup

Every Shade of Purple looks beautiful and dramatic on your green jewels, normally any woman can use purple since it flatters every eye color, but it’s extra gorgeous on green eyes, although we know that green’s complementary color is red, but that does not mean that you cannot try purple, you absolutely can.


How to Green Eyes Makeup

Smoky Silver Shadow is very cute to add some sexy touch in your sweet look, you just need to take some dust silver shadow and wash your eye lid with it and apply some purples to get a magical smoky look or you can apply across lids and in the inner corners to get a day time simple smoky and bright look at the same time.


How to Green Eyes Makeup

Metallic Sage Shadow is not an ideal shade for your greens, but if you use it smartly, then you can rock this shade too, take a silvery sage that goes on sheer look and it will just highlight the golden in your eyes to make your greens look slightly light, btw, something shimmery will always make your eyes stand out…

Now we will try this look

We will start with absolutely clean face and we will apply some lighter than skin tone shad of foundation or concealer and apply over the lid and around the eyes, using the lighter shade not only make your eyes look bright and fresh, but it will help the shades look more radiant, now we will take pure nude lose powder and apply on the lid to get soft look.

Now we will take light peach or brown shade and we will apply right on the crease and then we will blend it in, now we will take lose golden and apply on the inner 1/3 of the lid and we will apply under the lower lash line too and we will blend well.

Now we will take chocolate brown shade and we will apply at the outer corner and we will create a very smooth, not too sharp V at the outer corner and we will blend well, take black eye pencil and tightlight on inner rim of your eyes and apply a thick line on water line too, cover all rims and apply a thick line on waterline and upper line, now we will take a liquid liner and apply a thick dramatic wing on upper lash line an let it sawing outward and apply some silver highlighter on brow bone on inner corner and finish the look with mascara.

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