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How To Get The Smokey Eye Look For Blue Eyes

How To Get The Smokey Eye, Today I am going to talk about some simple tips or should I say a simple quid line to get smoky eyes for blue eyes and I am pretending that girl who has blue eyes has pales and fair skin tone, if you have darker skin tone and you are one of the best looking mustiness then you can rock any look you want if you are planning to get a hot smoky look for this weekend and you are not sure if you can look good with smoky eyes then let’s  dazzle everybody who’s present there with this simple yet hot and smoky eyes  and we are going to use rich shade to make your blue eyes dazzling  and for that I am sharing some simple tips and I can tell you these would be worth trying for cause I have been following these since my high school and I have receive tones of compliments.

How To Get The Smokey Eye

How To Get The Smokey Eye

Normally girls with blue eyes think that the contrast shade of blue is black, which is absolutely wrong and it look so harsh on them too, so the shade then need to use is brown cause if you use black mascara and black eye shadow that will make you look like an emo kid and that would be the absolutely last thing you want, am I writer, so the shade you need to use is browns, you need to get brown eye shadow and a kohl pencil or, for the drama effect, an eye liner and you need to buy two shades of browns mascara, you will apply darker one on upper lash line and the lighter one on the lower lash line.

Hide the traces of sleepless nights, you have to apply concealer to hide your under eye bags cause if you apply smoky eyes with your tired looking eyes then you will look even dull and tired cause the darker shade you will use will make you look dull, you have to make sure that you have the best eyebrows shape ever and you need to groom it if you have thin one, you can use some eye brow pencil/or shade and blend it will some small shade brush to get smoother and natural look, cause your perfect looking eyebrows make you look perfect and polishes.

How To Get The Smokey Eye

Draw the contour of your eyes with your kohl pencil, you can use any, but if you use the darker and the shiny rich one then it will look batter, just draw around the outer angles for the right effect, because if you draw the entire eye it will only make your eyes look smaller and narrow and when you use liquid eyeliner then you can use super steady hands , and when you apply the liner to smudge then you can use kohl pencil, btw you can use dark chocolate brown Kajal too.

Apply some eye shadow around the corners of your eyes and then take a small blending brush and just smudge it on the lid, or you can use your fingers too cause we all know that when you need a perfect look then fingers work the best, and then take small brush and take some rich shade and apply right over the eye pencil and tab apply the shade, don’t blend or it will blend with the Kajal.

How To Get The Smokey Eye

Apply thick coat of mascara, your smoky eyes needs a good, thick layer of mascara right after doing all of the above and then let it get dry and then rub lash comb in your lashes and then apply another coat of mascara.

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