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How To Do Wedding Makeup In 8 Steps

How To Do Wedding Makeup In 8 Steps

Perfect Wedding Makeup in 8 Steps for flawless bridal makeup tips, Few days back I heard Julie Farley, owner and make-up artist extraordinary of The Make-Up Studio in downtown Spokane, and she was talking about some simple tips and some simple steps for the brides to be who wants to do their own look by their own selves and honestly speaking I was pretty shocked how to do wedding makeup, cause the artist and the face of the brand was giving so simple and so easy tips how to do wedding makeup and I could not keep myself from shearing these with all of you cause I think anyone can try these.

How To Do Wedding Makeup In 8 StepsStep 1- Prep Skin:- she thinks that this is one of the most important and the most helpful step cause it will not only help you get better looks, but will keep your products on your face throughout the day, for that you need to take moisturizer and apply all over your freshly cleaned skin and then apply eye cream  and face primer and give it some time to get absorbed, if you use cream finish then it will help application of under eye concealer and how to do wedding makeup the will give you better looks too.

Prep skin For MakeupStep 2– Base:- Now you need to  take two shades of foundation or concealer , one is a shade lighter than your skin and then on shade darker than your skin, but don’t be too dramatic, and then apply the darker shade all over your T-Zone and apply the lights shade over your cheeks and under your eyes and apply with brush to get finest finish and blend with a moist sponge, and if you want light layer and good coverage then as soon you start your makeup soak your sponge in hot water and then squeeze it well and then keep it in fresh air and by the time you use it, it would be supper worm and perfect for blending, and then apply the transparent lose powder all over your face and your neck, don’t forget your ears and your shoulder in case you using low-neck.

Foundation Makeup For WeddingStep 3– Eyes:- Now you need to come to the most important feature of your face, your eyes, start with lid primer using brush and blend out with fingers and then apply tight line color to root of lashes using flat stiff brush and eyeliner sealer and apply the base shade and then use rich pigment and blend super well, you need to pay attention on the shades and you don’t really have to use regular shades for liner or mascara, try deep purple or navy blue and they look so cute with how to do wedding makeup bridal look.

Wedding Makeup For EyesStep 4– Add Dimensions:- when we apply a base we actually make our face look like a blank paper, without any kind of dimensions which look too odd and if you want to look good, you need to add shades and dimension in your face and for that we use contouring, highlights and blush, use Blush to the apples of your cheeks and blend upward along cheekbones and use Bronzer to high plains of the face, such as forehead, jaw line and under cheekbone as a contour and blend and then use highlighter to hid light or add some shine in your looks like over your nose, forehead, over your cupid bow and it will give you how to do wedding makeup perfect look.

Blush Wedding MakeupStep 5– Lips:- Now we will start with lips, if you have bright thick and too strong eyes then you have to keep your lips light or vice versa, start with applying lip stain for a natural smudge proof color and finish with gloss and then add some light color gloss to mute the color of the stain if desired and if you are applying lipstick then you need to start with applying liner and how to do wedding makeup then fill it with brush and apply shade seal to keep the shade in place.

Lips MakeupStep 6– Lashes:- By now the shade and the liner would be set perfectly, now it is time to apply the fake lashes, and you really have to apply fake lashes, if you don’t want to use the row one then you can use the single ones, and it will pop your eyes about 40% which is great for pictures and individual lashes look super natural in person too and they look pretty cute too, apply the best glue you can afford and fix it with ear bud and then how to do wedding makeup apply mascara to seize it.

Wedding EyelashesStep 7- Blush Now we will come to cheeks, now what you need to do is take the lightest shade of blush you have and take a big fluffy brush and start from your hair line, apply some shade and then blow off the brush completely, now start rubbing it from hairline to cheek and keep blending till you get the perfect look and now take the shade you wanted to add and take some very mild and transparent shade and rub these two on the back of your hand and apply right over the shade we applied earlier and how to do wedding makeup blend.

How to do Wedding Makeup Natural

Step 8- Touchups:- Last but not least, you need to give your face some touchups, run a plain brush all over your face to brush off any excessive amount of  if you have on your skin and smile.

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