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Top 10 Eyes Makeup Tips On How To Do Smokey Eyes

How To Do Smokey Eyes, Today I am going to give you some very simple and have very easy to apply makeup tips to get perfect or at least good smoky eyes makeup. I always suggest Smokey eyes for new comers and the reason is the simplistic of that look and there are very less chances to make thins bad in this look, you just need to pay attention on blending and you will get that look.

I remember that time when I started looking for online tutorials to apply eye makeup, it was not fun cause I was completely new in this world and it was pretty hard to buy the right things, and it was even hard to apply them on face, I can tell you that if you feel that you can apply makeup like pro after seeing them effortlessly then you are wrong.

How To Do Smokey Eyes Tips to Apply Smoky Makeup

How To Do Smokey Eyes

01. Well Groomed Eye Brows

How To Do Smokey Eyes

This is one of the best tips you can get to look perfect with your smoky eye makeup and I can tell you that you should follow that, smoky is a very simple technique and it can look messy and clumsy super easily if you take your eyes brows for granted, pay attention on your eyebrows and I want you to fill the gaps with lighter shade of eye brow shades and blend well.

02. Prime The Lids

How To Do Smokey Eyes

This is very important some girls think that applying moisturizer and foundation or concealer is enough, but they are wrong, you need to apply primer to get smoother lids and finest surface which will help you blend well, it will make the blending so easy and smooth and we all know that smoky look is all about blending, so pick the right primer according to your eyes and your skin tone.

03. Foundation Or Concealer

How To Do Smokey Eyes

I always say that when you are applying intense shades on your eyes, you need to start with lighter than your skin tone foundation or concealer, it will not only pop bright the shads on your lid and it will brighten up your eyes too and no matter if you have dark circles around your eyes or not, use triangle foundation or concealer technique under your eyes and blend in the same way and it will not only make your eyes look bright and radiant, it will make your eyes feel younger than your age too.

04. Highlight Your Eye Brows

How To Do Smokey Eyes

We will try each and everything to make the look perfect and for that you should use your eye brows too, just take some white eye pencil and rub a thick layer around your eyes brows and over the brows too and now take some primer or moisturizer on your ring finger tip and blend well, but don’t blend in the brows, we need to make it look prominent, don’t push shade in the hair though.

05. Start With Light Shades

How To Do Smokey Eyes

As I told you that you can use as many shads as many you like, you just need to make sure you blend all of them well, but you need to start with lightest shade you have picked, you can try a light brown or nude eye shadow and apply a thin coat on your eyelids, we normally call it the base coat and then apply it all over the lid and blend it all over the crease till the brow bone and if you are applying a shimmer look the you can use a highlighter as the base coat and it will not only help you get good blending, but it will add more shine in your look too.

06. Blend well

How To Do Smokey Eyes

Use small brush to pick the shade and apply on the lid and then take the small blending brush to blend cause smoky is nothing if you are not blending well, the trick is to blend and then blend some more and then take some lighter shade and blend again, you can use your fingers if you are deft with it or use absolutely clean brushes so you don’t add too much product in your look.

07. Pick Shads Of Same Family

How To Do Smokey Eyes

If you are not Pro and you are not trying to get a crazy look then pick shades of same family of color, like if you are trying to get a regular look the take, black and then gray and then lighter gray and then silver gray and use dark gray liner and mascara, and if you want to add any shade then add shads of blues, you need to be very careful when you pick the shades for your smoky look.

08. Line your eyes

How To Do Smokey Eyes

Never ever forget to line your eyes, you should pick gel eye-liner and outline your upper eyelids and then take some Kajal or use the same liner to line on your bottom lid too and then smudge it with light deft strokes, to get the Smokey look, you can take some mate share too to fed the look.

09. Mascara

How To Do Smokey Eyes

Finish the look mascara.

10. Lips

How To Do Smokey Eyes

Pick light or natural shades for your lips with your smoky look.

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