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How to Choose Your Wedding Hairstyle for Short and Long hair

How to Choose Your Wedding HairstyleHow to choose your wedding hairstyle! So, a few tips and almost happy owner of ringed hair lengths.

How to Choose your Wedding Hairstyle for Long Straight Hair

A delight for the hairdresser – a job with long straight hair – the best material for the imagination and experiment. Because such hair can dissolve completely or partially screw the put in a pony that looks feminine, lengthens the neck and shows the beauty of the open neck, veiled veil.

Wedding hairstyles for long hair in a bun

Wedding hairstyles for long hair in a bun, do not spoil the fresh flowers with artificial (natural foreshadows tears!) Pearl at the base veil. By the way, the most fashionable bridal hairstyles this season decorated with daisy, lilies and camellias, and instead of a traditional rim use wreaths of small flowers: orange bud tree (symbol of destiny), orchids, daffodils, freesia, rose.

How to Choose Your Wedding Hairstyle for Short Hair

Short hairstyle with a veil can get kind of fashionable stylish hairstyle and fine hair will add extra volume. Extravagant and stylish haircut suits slim bride. Its advised to do 2-3 weeks before the wedding, the hair had grown a little. Wedding hairstyles for short hair do not require a lot of jewelery, most of which is unmatched veil. Emphasize its charm tiara.

Wedding hairstyles for short hair with veil

If on top of the bride’s hair is too short, you can make the illusion of hairstyles for long hair. In this case, the pre-wind the hair on curlers average or forceps. Stacked on top of beautiful curls even snippets of flowers (petals). All short hair gently combed gel necessarily fixed invisible. Behind the veil cover short hair, and in front hairstyle decorated with beads in an amount of odd numbers. This should fix the hair with hairspray.

How to choose your wedding hairstyle, to create the effect of long hair, you can use a variety of hairpieces (strands of artificial hair), false braids ready bundles curls. Artificial hair color matched the color of the hair betrothed client. Long tail is suitable for complex hairstyles with different elements: curls, weaving, rollers, flagella, etc.

How to Choose Your Wedding Hairstyle for Curly Hair

Curly hair represent femininity and romance. For curly hair may be different styling options: surrounds the face, flowing over her shoulders, stab on. By the way, to trendy wedding hairstyle this season include: curling effect of wet hair, decorated with beads and wedding hairstyles with slightly curly hair. Trendy wedding hairstyles preclude the use of large flowers for decoration.

How to Choose Your Wedding Hairstyle for Curly Hair

Another tip magic bride wants in the most important day of your life to become a real princess: Do not change the color and length of hair before the wedding – the result may fail the rapture. Salon follows the final selection of dresses and veils for the two weeks before the marriage. It is advisable to seek help from a friend and experienced craftsmen who will make a sketch of the future wedding creations. You can try to make a pre-wedding hairstyle with veil, photograph it – the view from the side gives confidence in the choice.

But the main criterion for the correct choice of wedding hair under the veil: it must be appreciated by the bride to create a sense of celebration just for her. The harmony of the external form of the ideal bride and perfect hairstyle will create a feeling of happiness and brighten up a sweet kiss already lawful husband.

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