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How to Apply Makeup With Top 08 Amazing Makeup Application

Today we are sharing top 08 secrets on how to apply makeup like PRO and after these you just need to do lots of practice to get perfect results.

I actually learned during the time when I was actually learning makeup and I actually picked the master of makeup I know, she is one of the best and the most generous makeup artist I know, she shared all the secrets of her profession with me and then allowed me to share them with all of you too:

Here are my top 08 tips to get perfect makeup look:

How to Apply Makeup in 8 Application

How to Apply Makeup

Buy Right Tools

If you are on war with your looks then your tools are your weapons, you need to buy the best you can get and you can afford, this is the first lesson you need to learn when you start learning makeup, if you really want to apply your makeup like a pro then you need PRO tools too, and here are the eight basic brushes you need:

How to Apply Makeup

  1. Foundation brush
  2. Concealer brush
  3. Fluffy powder brush
  4. Blush brush
  5. Small blending brush
  6. Flat eye shadow brush,
  7. Precision angle brush
  8. Lip brush

01. Mix Primer & Foundation

How to Apply Makeup

If you want to keep your foundation or concealer for longer hours and if you want to get full coverage and smooth looks then blend primer with your foundation, no matter which foundation type you are using, you can mix it with liquid, powder, and cream,, this is the best way to apply foundation’s coverage without looking caked on and it helps the makeup blend smoothly, even if you have oily skin, you just need to use damp sponge to apply it.


02. Don’t Try To Look Perfect

How to Apply Makeup

Next thing we will talk about is concealer and for that you need to learn and understand the color wheel cause that is the key to cover up flows like, zits, the stubborn redness around nose, and the bluish hues under eyes and for that you need to learn the shades, opposite colors cancel each other out, so green-pigmented concealer covers redness, and orangey concealer removes blue, so try to get a thick layer of foundation or concealer, just apply a bit on the right part and blend it up.

03. Work With Face Shape

How to Apply Makeup

No matter what face shape you have, you just need to learn how to make it look perfect and for that you need to learn how to contour properly so you can alter your face shape and features, contouring is the art of highlighting and shading and for that you need to learn what are the right part and what are the bad features of your face and contour and highlight to look perfect.

04. Pay Attention On Your Eyes Make Up

Eyes Make Up

if you want to make your eyes pop prominent then you need to pay attention on the shape of your eyes and then you need to use right shade for your eyes, use slightly lighter shade as base shade which will not only help you get batter look, but will make it look prominent too, use liner and mascara to make your eyes look prominent.

05. Eye Shade For Your Eyes

How to Apply Makeup

We have talked about the shades millions time and you need to understate that when we pick shade for lid, we have to keep shade of the eyes in mind, you need to pick exact opposite shade to help your eyes to stand out, so pick shades from the shade well and blend to create the right look, look at the wheel and look for your eye shade and then see the shade opposite of that shade, like for blues you can see orange and peach is exact opposite shades.

06. Applying Eyeliner

How to Apply Makeup

If you need to learn how to apply liner then you need to understand one thing, you not supposed to draw your liner all the way across your lash line in one motion, this is absolutely wrong Instead, you suppose to start from inner corner to the center of your lid and then reload the brush and then we will start from the outside corner and come to the center where we left the first stork.

07. Perfect Lips

How to Apply Makeup

Perfect Lip to get ideal lip shape, you need to have upper and lower lips with equal size, or thickness, and if they are not then you can make them look ideal and perfect with liners and shades, start with foundation or concealer and then apply lip lines, we will use white eyeliner pencil to apply over the natural contour of the lip, then fill your lips with lip pencil and use the shade matching to your lips and then fill your lips with the shade you wanted to apply the color of your lipstick and then take light shade of base foundation and apply around the new lip line and bend with a lip brush to make them look prominent.

08. Real Looking Fake Brow

How to Apply Makeup

don’t and never choosing a color that’s too dark for your eye brow, it will make you look older, pick a couple shades lighter than your hair and use small strokes to make it most look like hair and then take small brush to blend the shade in your eye bows and then take white eye pencil and apply thick lines all around your eyes brow and blend to make them look even batter.


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