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How To Apply Eyeliner Tips Step By Step Looking Flawless In 10 Minutes

How To Apply Eyeliner and mascara like Pro is not easy, it’s not simple an it need lots of lots of practice and determination and supper steady hands or lots of Q-tips;) today I am going to share some of my all time favorite tips which I feel pretty reasonable and affective to get a perfect line over your lash line to create a fine line and polished look.

How To Apply Eyeliner

Apply Eyeliner Tips Step By Step

Use Gel

How To Apply Eyeliner

Have you tried that MAC double (black and brown) gel liner pack with two absolutely perfect liner and angle brush, it perfect set for beginners , you should start learning how to apply liner with gel liner, cause liquid eyeliner a bit tough  and tricky, I know it can give you the dark and flawless look, but it takes a really steady hand to apply it, and if you are new in this line of looks then you should start with gel alternative instead and use angled brush for easy and smooth application and it help you make it thicker too.

Choose Perfect Eyeliner Shade

How To Apply Eyeliner

Now if you are buying shades to get perfect looks then you need to make sure you are using the right shade according to your eyes, for example, a purple, mauve, gray or violet shade will look absolutely perfect for blue eyes beautifully with light tones and if have brown eyes then you should experimenting with khaki-green, bronze or copper eyeliner colors and for green and hazel eyes I would love to try different shades of purple, green and brown as they can carry all of these shades perfectly, but if you are not sure which shade will suit you and you want to play safe then black and dark brown will suit everyone.

Take All the Time You Need

How To Apply Eyeliner

you cannot learn anything in one day, you need to give everything sometime and if its liner then, you need to take all the time you need, it will take some useless mistakes and some effort to get that flawless eyeliner line, take your time and apply your eyeliner with gentle small strokes or dabs and then use one grand swoop to make it look like one and always feel free to use remover and Q-tip to remove the mistakes.

Don’t Lose Hop

How To Apply Eyeliner

No matter what kind of person you are and what kind of lifestyle you have, you just need to keep practicing till you get what you actually want, I know it feels very frustrating to keep applying again and again, but don’t get the perfect look, but you need to keep working till you get the perfect look.

If you are trying something for very first time then I would say pick new one and if anything make your eyes fee itching, then apply your eyeliner with a disposable, new applicator to avoid spreading the germs and remember: never share your eyeliner with friends, no matter how close you people are, it’s not safe and never leave your liner or applicator on public bathroom slabs.

Apply From Inner Rims

How To Apply Eyeliner

Line the inner rims of your eyes to create that sexy, night time look and then take some gel liner with angle brush and apply a thick line on the tight line and then apply some under the lower lash which will create a perfect look in no minutes at all.

Use water Proof

How To Apply Eyeliner

I know that you are watching all these online tutorial videos, but trust me, you are not ready for smudging liner yet, use waterproof liner and avoid those unflattering smudges under your lower lash lines and use absolutely nude lose powder which will keep your Kajal or liner from bleeding.

Wash It Before Bedtime

How To Apply Eyeliner

never ever go to bed with your makeup on cause that would be biggest mistake you would commit with your face, no matter how late it is, don’t forget to remove your eyeliner before you go to bed and for that you can wash your face with warm water and baby shampoo and then soak some cotton pads with eye makeup remove and place them on your eyes for a while and then wipe it off and then wash your face with chilled water and some soap.

Keep your product safe

How To Apply Eyeliner

I know that if you are buying the good quality liner then you can use them for more than month and if you feel it’s getting dry then you might not taking care of it enough, keep your gel liner in room temperature with tightly closed lid and keep your eyeliner pencil in the freezer for ten minutes to firm at the top and keep things smooth.

Last but not least, learn your lines; you need to know which line will suit you

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