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Homemade Hair Masks for Split Ends and Dry Hair

The one of the most common and the most main reason behind dry and dull hair and split ends is dryness and lack of water or hydration which means if you increase your water intake and if you increase your moisturizer level in your body and in your day to day life then you can cure it naturally, but if you need something extra then you need to increase the use of those topical mask that can help you get better skin and hair and for that you can use ready to use things which you can get form market since market is loaded with all kind of hair mask and toners for all kind of hair and skin types,homemade hair masks for split ends, but if you want to do something safest and something natural then you can make some mask and homemade hair masks for split at home and I am shearing a very simple make with all of you that I have been using for ages during winter and it always work.

Homemade hair masks for splitHomemade hair masks for split

Weather is getting too dry and too cold and we are using too much heating, too much worm showers and baths, too much alcohol and all that, which simply means we are pushing our hair to dryness and split ends and that is the one reason I am shearing a very good and a very nitrating homemade mask for all of you to get rid of , homemade hair masks for split and prevent spit ends.Best Hair Masks for Damaged Hair

Here is the list of things that you need to make this magical mask.

• Mayonnaise
• Coconut oil
• Egg yolk.

That’s all 😉 now we will take an egg and separate the yolk from the whites on a bowl and then take half teaspoon full of coconut oil, 2 tablespoons full of mayonnaise and then mix well, you can mix it with folk or you can use blender and blend well now apply all of the mask all over your scalp and then rub a bit and then if you got some leftover then you can apply on your hair too and homemade hair masks for split, cover it with some shower cap for good 2 hours, it will start getting dry and the wash it off with Shampoo and worm water, it is a bit hard to wash it off, but believe me, it’s worth of it.Homemade Hair Masks for Split Ends and Dry Hair

It is not only a very good source of minerals and good fats which protects from splitting, and help spitted ones, you just need to use it a bit more frequently, like 2-3 times a week and then you will see the result, if you don’t have dry hair issues then you can use it to Nourishes hair, just reduce the time of use. And it will to give your hair incredible shine and softness and will help you get healthy and strong hair too.

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