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Homemade Beauty Treatments

I don’t like people who keep running to drugstore to get ornaments and creams to treat skin and other beauty issues, cause you actually have everything at home you need to treat appearance issues, your skin, your hair, lips, teeth, your nails and what not, you just need to see what suits you and what work for you, nature has blessed us with rescue beauty treatment for dry hair, blotchy skin, puffiness under the eyes or whatever the beauty crisis of the day is and  you should actually look for that these treatments to look beautiful  and perfect.

Beauty Treatments

Homemade Beauty Treatments

Today I am shearing some simple treatment which might prove helpful for all of you, these are not just for girls or boys, and it’s for everyone:

1. Cucumber:- Cucumber has always been on the top in the list of my all time favorite home remedies ingredients, I love the impact of cucumber on my skin, for my eyes and for healthy snack too and the benefit of using cucumber are countless, but the treatment for puffy eyes is no big secret, we all know that, if you feel that your eyes are tired, puffy, warm, burning  or running , all you need to is take some cucumber and make a smooth paste with it and put it in the refrigerator for a while and then cover your eyes with that and lay down on your back for a while and you will see the magical results, it is very good for your skin too, if you start using the cucumber juice as toner or face mist, you will not only get fresher and shiner skin, Beauty Treatments you will see tremendous change in your skin tone too, Beauty Treatments, It has anti-oxidants and vitamins that will relieve dark circles and reduce puffiness and lighten the skin tone too,, Beauty Treatments make some fresh cucumber juice with blender and add few drops of lemon in it and keep it in your refrigerator and use couple of times during the day and see fresher and lighter beautiful  glowing skin.

Cucumber For Skin

2. Avocado:- Avocado is a very rich and healthy fruit which can be used for both your hair and your skin and you can eat it to get a healthy amount of omega 3 and other required vitamins and minerals and I can tell you that this is one of the best ingredient to get moisturizer skin and hair, Beauty Treatments you can take some ripped avocado and make a smooth paste and apply on your scalp and your hair for a 20-45 minutes and it will make your hair and skin look shiny and moisturizer naturally, but if you add some coconut oil or avocado oil in it and then massage into your hair every third day regularly then it will not only make your hair look healthy, Beauty Treatments but will give you silkier and shinier hair too and add some yogurt in it for your face to get beautiful skin.

Avocado Benefits For Skin Care

3. Honey:- Honey is a multi-purpose ingredient which is loaded with healthy and strong moisturizing properties and it will actually help you get smooth and beautiful  skin too and you can use it to treat skin and scalp issue too, make a smooth mask with honey and natural yogurt and apply it all over your hair for 20-45 minutes and then wash it off and it will not only give you smoother prettier hair, but it can show magical results for your skin too, yogurt clears and disinfects the pores, whilst moisturizing your skin and the anti-bacterial properties of the honey will help clear up any acne and blemishes too, Beauty Treatments and the best thing about this mask is, you can use it every day and it will give you a perfect skin.

Honey Beauty Tips

4. Baking soda:- Baking soda is loaded with cleaning and exfoliation properties and you can use it on your face to remove dead cells and marks too and it is very good to take off all the product build up which cause you dandruff too and it is very good for your teeth too.

Baking Soda Beauty Tips

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