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Home Remedies Hair Loss Treatment – Vitamins to prevent hair

Home Remedies Hair Loss Treatment – Vitamins to prevent hair.Today we are going to help you get better and healthy hair naturally from inside out, I am not saying that you should any medical or surgical way; you just need to add some healthy amount and the required amount of vitamins and minerals.Home Remedies Hair Loss Treatment - Vitamins to prevent hair

There are so many things that we normally use to get rid of hair issues, you can ask some medical or you can ask for some surgical treatment too, but if you actually want to have something safe and something easy then pick natural way.

Home Remedies Hair Loss TreatmentBest Home Remedies Hair Loss Treatment

Here are some minerals and vitamins that you add in your day to day diet to get better health of your hair and your scalp.4 Home Remedies for Dry and Damaged Hair

1-Zinc: – Zinc can help you with hair loss as well and it is very good for your overall health too, because your body has no way of storing this one nutrient, you need to take it regularly to keep your levels where they should be, but the simple things that you can do is eat healthy, you should add foods that are best source of Zinc including seafood such as oysters, lobster and crab, as well as other meats like beef, pork and chicken, you can use eggs, cereal, baked beans, yogurt and cashews to get better amount of healthy zinc too.

2-Vitamin Beautiful: – The B vitamins, is not only very good for your skin and the shine and glow of your eyes, it is very good for your hair too, it is very helping to treat and prevent hair loss and hair damage too, you can use all sort of Bs with that, but niacin, thiamine, riboflavin, and all of the other B’s, are great for healthy hair and you should keep an eye on folate for magical result and the healthy natural source of vitamin B  is leafy green veggies, whole grain cereals, lean proteins including fish, chicken and turkey beans and nuts and other vegetables including beans, lentils, spinach and asparagus.

3-Iron: – Normally we lose hair, almost 50 per day, but if you are losing more than that then it is not normal, it could be a sign of your body telling your are lacking iron and the healthy source of Irion is liver, beef, soybeans, artichokes, spinach and prunes, but you can use iron supplement too and it help you too.

4-Calcium: -Calcium is basically good to stimulate the hormones that are necessary for hair growth, like androgens and other enzymes and you can get it in your day to day diet with dairy products like milk and cheese and you can get some from broccoli, oranges, apricots and sardines too.

5-Vitamin D: – We all know that sunrays are the best source of vitamin D which is very good to promote the growth of healthy hair follicles, but not sunray during the day, the sunrays that you get during early morning, half an hour during the sunrise,, but with that you can try fish oil supplement or eating high D vitamin fish like herring, catfish, trout and salmon would be great too.

Best of luck.

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