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Happy Birthday Katherine Heigl! 5 Gifts For Memorable IZZIE STEVENS

Happy Birthday Katherine Heigl celebrates 36 years today! Here are five gifts that can delight the beautiful actress.

Made famous for her role as Izzie Stevens on Grey’s Anatomy, smashing her departure from the series has not really brought luck to Katherine Heigl, Despite some comic roles like knocked manual or The Ugly Truth, none of his roles has left a lasting impression. The actress has chosen to return to television with the State of Affairs series, whose pilot was broadcast on 17 November. To celebrate as it should be his 36 years; here are five gifts that should appeal to the beautiful Katherine.

Happy Birthday Katherine Heigl

Happy Birthday Katherine With 5 Gifts

1. During Etiquette

Since its rocky start of Grey’s Anatomy, Katherine Heigl has a reputation for being a difficult actress or rude and hurtful. She responded to one of her fans she never did it on purpose, but still suggested he take courses in etiquette, to learn more about diplomacy.

2. One Year Of Free Kibble

Great protector of animals, Katherine Heigl saved two stray dogs at the Sochi Olympics. But you may not know that the actress has no less than 35 animals at home, including eight dogs! One year of free kibble would undoubtedly be appreciated by the fan of furry beasts!

3. A Good Film Role

Since leaving Grey’s Anatomy, Katherine Heigl did not particularly conspicuous by her choice of film roles. We would love to see her in a dark movie, where she could show the hidden face of her talent. In short, romantic comedies, it starts to do well!

4. A Third Baby

In 2012, Katherine Heigl became a mum again by adopting a second girl in Korea. She was already gone in this country in 2009 to get the little Naleigh. As we always say “come in threes”, why not adopt a boy this time?

5. Success for Her Series

Katherine Heigl is back in action on television in the Series State of Affairs, in which she plays Charlie Tucker, a CIA analyst. It is hoped that the return to the small screen will allow Katherine Heigl to find the success it has had in Grey’s Anatomy. Fingers crossed!

Happy Birthday Katherine Heigl

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