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Halloween Makeup For Halloween Night 2014

The countdown to Halloween makeup night has officially begun, have you thought about what to do on Halloween? If you are looking for the perfect makeup for Halloween to show off a few parties chilling, here are some tips for you. The feast of horrors wants a make-up that brilliant, eccentric, whimsical and character, and of course scary. But what is right for you?

There are many types of top Halloween makeup. If you want to look really ghostly and in keeping with the Halloween kitsch can more easily achieve the trick spider, playing to draw lines around the eyes with black pencil (or silver) and the eyeliner and embellishing with thousands of glitter, because a touch of femininity takes forever. The flesh should always be pale and a little ‘macabre then go-ahead bases clearer and more compact. The lips can shine instead of red lipsticks fire.

Makeup Halloween

2014 Halloween Makeup

If you want to put yourself in the shoes of rather dark and gloomy creatures, dall’alone cursed charm, the trick for you is that of (vamp) IRESSA, one of the sexiest costumes and Halloween makeup. It always starts with a clear make-up base, so it looks ethereal and moon. With your eyes you can play a lot, they have to be intense, dramatic and ruthless, smokey eyes marked at most with black pencil and eye shadow always black or dark purple. The circles should be highlighted (at least once a year) with a concealer clear. While the lips should be scarlet, fleshy and red blood.

Makeup For Halloween Night

Another very popular Halloween makeup is that of the evil witch. Unleash your goth side, for one night is allowed to be cruel and bleak. Do not forget to draw a sexy mole near his mouth, and to make a long and well-defined boundary around the eyes. The choice of shades of eye shadow is wide, but the best options are always those strong, opaque and very dark. The only exception under the eyebrows emphasized the shape of the eyes with a lighter color and sparkling.

Makeup For Halloween Night

We had already talked about the makeup of the angel black, but if you want to exaggerate the makeup of the party to the fullest, there is nothing better than make-up of the Zombie, which embodies the very essence of Halloween horror more. Suitable if you want to scare your friends at a party. How is this accomplished? Very easy, facial skin milky and sickly (green concealer), black circles black patches on the skin. Do not choose this trick if you want to feel femme fatale, even on Halloween, turn away from fear even the most staunch admirer. In the tutorial Youtube instead an extraordinary artistic make-up revives Emily from Tim Burton, with this trick you can not pass unnoticed at Halloween.

Makeup For Halloween Night Makeup For Halloween Night Makeup For Halloween Night Makeup For Halloween Night Makeup For Halloween Night

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