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Hair Style Make At Home for Medium Hair for Women

Hair Style Make At Home for Medium Hair for Women. Hair style is not my forty, normally I pay all my attention to make my eyes beautiful , and for that I actually don’t hesitate to experiments, I can be so much creative with my eyes and the shades, but I cannot work with my hair the same way,hair style make at home, I look shortcut for my hair.

Hair Style Make At Home

Hair Style Make At Home

Today we are going to share some simple hair styles which any one can make at home, they are supper simple and they look cute too,hair style make at home, if I can make them, you can for sure.

Double strings Waterfall Hairstyles

1. Double strings Waterfall: – For this one you just need to comb your hair well and then get two thick strings of your hair from right side and twist throw your hair and tie it on your let side and tara!! Secure it with any beautiful cute hair accessory and you are ready to go.

Triple Twisted Pony Tail

2. Twisted Ponytail: – The easiest look aver, you just need to make a perfect ponytail and secure it with rubber band  then twice your pony from the point before your rubber band and you can make the same look with two sections, twist one section and wrap around the other section to create this casual twisted ponytail and you are done.

Summer Scarf Updo Hairstyle.

3. Summer Scarf Updo: This is so cute and it looks so beautiful with summer short dresses, you just need to pick a perfect nice hair band or summer scarf and you are ready to make a perfect upto  take a stretchy headband and tie your hair with that over your head, and leave a big section of hair over the crown, and then you just take large sections of hair and wrap around the band, tucking in the loose strands and keep wrapping it around your band and then secure it with pins and it’s done.

Girls low knot hair

4. The Low Knot: – It is perfect for your long hair, you just need to comb your hair and part them in two section and tie a knot and squeeze to make it perfect and then keep tying as much as you like and then secure the remaining hair with rubber band and then pin in up on the head under the knots, this works great even for short to medium-length hair.

Hairstyle Tutorial

5. The Tidy Hair Bow: – It is perfect for straight hairs, just take some strings right from your temple and tie a bow right on the center of your head and hair style make at home, you are done, secure it with a hair pin.

Here are so many ideas that you can try and enjoy beautiful hair style make at home which you can make with your own hands.

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