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How To Best Eye Makeup For Dark Brown Eyes And Olive Skin

How To Best Eye Makeup For Dark Brown Eyes, Today I am going to talk about some shades which I personally think that look absolutely gorgeous with dark brown eyes, hair with light olive skin tone cause as I was looking at that girl, I met other day, I realize that there are no perfect rules for looks, you just need to know which shade will go for you and you carry it with your natural features and you look good, you don’t need to be PRO to look like a DIVA or you don’t have to be a DIVA to create new trendy looks. Yesterday I was buying few windows in the cosmetic shops and I met a very beautiful 16 years old girl with magically smooth velvet skin and she had very beautiful very dark brown eyes and they were looking so cute with her smooth olive skin and she was wearing pink makeup and you would not believe how perfect she looked with pinks.

Eye Makeup For Dark Brown Eyes

Best Eye Makeup For Dark Brown Eyes

First of all, I personally think that brown is a very very very exotic look, and If you want to add some mysterious touch in your looks then you should give brown shadow under your eye and put black waterproof liner on your water line and you are done, wash off your lid with some shimmer to add some day time glamor, if you want to create a smoky look the go for cat eyes with some DARK PURPLE smudged shade on the outer corner and tab some shimmer on inner corner and on the tear duct too and you would look absolutely glorious, never ever forget mascara.

Eye Makeup For Dark Brown Eyes

 Now I want you to get as many shades of shimmer as many you cause no matter which shade it is, it will look absolutely glorious for day time look, I have light brown shad with a hint of yellow shade and I have 38 shades of shimmer and you would not believe it use all of them during my day to day look, just take some on your ring finger and rub it well on the lid and then add some crease with darker shade, take silver shimmer and rub it over tear duct and some on the inner deep corner of your eye, finish the look with dark brown or black mascara and liner.

Eye Makeup For Dark Brown Eyes

If you are looking for a smooth natural looking mate look then brown and peach is you BESTIES apply lots of eye primer and then apply white, or nude eye shadow all over the lid and blend, now take peach shade and apply on the lid and blend in the crease too, now take brush shade and apply in the crease to add some depth, take darker chocolate shade and smudge on the outer corner of the lid and finish the look with liner and mascara, you would not believe how cuter it look, you can add some shimmer in it too if you want to I am kind of shimmer junky for a while now.

Eye Makeup For Dark Brown Eyes

Now at the end I will share my all time favorite look for Eye Makeup For Dark Brown Eyes and this is smoky eyes, no matter which shade you pick, or no matter if you want to add shine or shimmer in it, smoky looks absolutely perfect for brown eyes, brown skin is the best skin tone for smoky eyes, but if you want to look out of this world then you just need to learn how to blend,  take as many shades as you want, juts blend them well, make it impossible to tell how many shade did you use and that is what I call smoky.

Make your own looks Eye Makeup For Dark Brown Eyes and share with us, I would love to know about your experiments.

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