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Eye Makeup Tips For Hazel Eyes

Eye Makeup Tips For Hazel Eyes & Best Eyeliner Tips

Hazel eyes are attractive and unique in the world of eye colors. Firstly, they are not just one sole color; they are in fact a mixture of different quality. Secondly, hazel eyes can transform color too. So, if you are …

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Natural Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes & Easy Eye Makeup Looks

We all know that blue eyes means dreamy eyes and the desirable eyes and if you have got them, they deserve to be your dominant feature and you should to work really hard of these eyes to make them look the best and for that you need to know what shades are good for you and which shade will make your eyes feels super special and fascinating.

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Best Eye Makeup For Dark Brown Eyes And Olive Skin

Eye Makeup For Dark Brown Eyes Yesterday I was buying few windows in the cosmetic shops and I met a very beautiful 16 years old girl with magically smooth velvet skin and she had very beautiful very dark brown eyes and they were looking so cute with her smooth olive skin and she was wearing pink makeup and you would not believe how perfect she looked with pinks.

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Smoky Green Eyeshadow Tutorial & Eye Makeup Tips

Smoky Green Eyeshadow Tutorial Eye Makeup Tips

When looking at celebrities on TV, magazines, Online Websites you always feel helpless to notice how magical eyes they have, it is very rare when someone comes with regular eye makeup, we all pay all of our attention on eyes and then on lips and then on contouring and today I am sharing something very cute with all of you

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