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Eye Care Beauty Tips for Your Tired Eyes

The most delicate area of ​​your face and proper eye care is definitely a must for women, regardless of age. Areas around the eyes are the part where the skin is the thinnest, making them more prone to damage and will begin to show signs of aging Long before compared to the skin of the rest of your face.Eye Care Beauty Tips for Your Tired Eyes

Eye Care Beauty Tips for Your Tired Eyes

The skin around the eye area is more sensitive and has less oil and water which makes it very prone to dryness, fine lines, crow’s feet or wrinkles and aging. Therefore, it is very important to start focusing on under eye care, from eye care products, application techniques to eye care tips to deal with your tired eyes and reduce the Signs of aging.Eye Care Beauty Tips for Your Tired Eyes

In general, the dermatologist recommends that women start incorporating eye care products into their daily skin care routine in the first 20 years. It would be late if you had to start for 30s especially if you have dry skin as when the fine lines dry out, they look deeper and worse they gradually become crow’s feet and wrinkles. Eye care beauty products keep the skin in moist eye areas, so thin lines do not appear as much. A good and gentle eye care product also helps to lighten the area under the eye and plump up the eyes’ hollowness.Eye Care Beauty Tips for Your Tired Eyes

Let’s be honest that we are all dreaded when it comes to removing make-up at the end of the day. Most of us are using a general facial cleansing oil or more commonly known as “all in one” makeup removal to remove all the makeup on our face to quickly get all the makeup. Keep in mind that eye areas are very delicate and eye makeup like waterproof mascara is more stubborn to remove. Remember, remnants of mascara residue can lead to eye infections, skin discoloration and puffy eyes the next morning. For the eyes, it is very important to remove all the makeup of the eyes with a separate remover formula directed to the eye area. Therefore, it is essential to remove your eye makeup with eye makeup remover and not just a face makeup remover!Eye Care Beauty Tips for Your Tired Eyes

And do not just slide or drag your cotton pads with eye makeup removers on the skin around your eyes. Instead, place the wet cotton pad with remover on the lids, hold for a minute to dissolve the product, and then wipe. Never rub the delicate area under the eye. Once the eye makeup like the mascara and eyeliner comes out, face make-up can be used in the next step. We highly recommend the oil and gel formula for the eye makeup remover as they are particularly good for removing long-using eye makeup. If you are in a hurry, cleansers with the eye makeup remover formula are also recommended.Eye Care Beauty Tips for Your Tired Eyes

So why do beauty experts promote the use of eye care products? This is because most of the time your daily moisturizer is not suitable for the eye area. That’s why there are eye care products designed specifically for the eyes. Beauty care products for the eyes can be in the form of eye cream, eye serum or eye gel. Eye care products often contain emollients, or moisturizers, which can help moisturize the skin of the drier eye and improve it to make it look smoother. Eye care products are formulated with more emollients that help decrease the appearance of wrinkles. They tend to be thicker than the facial moisturizer and the thicker consistency will remain on thin and moving skin around the eyes better.Eye Care Beauty Tips for Your Tired Eyes

In the first 20 years, it is recommended to use eye care products for moisturizing and shining the areas of the eyes to reduce swelling of the eyes and dark circles. In the early 1930s, you can start incorporating anti-aging eye care products containing formula to increase collagen production to combat with fine lines and wrinkles for the most elevated eyes.Eye Care Beauty Tips

Be sure to apply the eye cream or gel before putting on the moisturizer so that the skin absorbs the active ingredients. Apply the eye cream on a cotton pad or an eye makeup applicator. We also recommend using your ring finger as it is the softest and least used finger. It exerts the least amount of force on the delicate skin around the eye area and the temperature of your finger is able to warm the cream for better absorption.

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