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Would You Ever Rent Your Wedding Dress?

Today I am going to talk about one of the very common and very important question, Would You Ever Rent Your Wedding Dress? I was taking driving classes and my driving instructor was a very beautiful young woman and she was planning of her wedding for this summer, she was earring well as we all know how much they cost you for on driving lesson, well she was planning for wedding and one day I heard her calling to one shop who provide the wedding dresses on rent, I was shocked and she said, it will cost me $ 300 and I will pay $200 for dry-cleaning and I will get a 4-5 thousand Wedding Dress in $500 and it make sense too since I will be wearing it once in life time and it make no sense to spend that much money on a dress which you wear only for a day plus the money I will safe from gown will spend on my jewelry which will stay with me forever and I can use it as much as I want, and it was the turning point for me.

Today we are going to talk about the same question Would You Ever Rent Your Wedding Dress? Your wedding day, the most memorable and the most important day of your life, you are getting married to the person you love the most and no words are enough to conjure many women’s white-washed fantasies of the perfect day, the perfect man and, yes, the perfect dress, Wedding Dress, would you imagine to get married to that perfect man in rented dress? Well I would say, why not?

Would You Ever Rent Your Wedding Dress?

Would You Ever Rent Your Wedding Dress?
Rent Your Wedding Dress For $ 200

As Jasmine said paying that much money for a dress you going to wear once in lifetime is waste of money, but I know some woman who count it as heirloom objects to be passed down to generations behind them, and they want to buy the dress which they could pass on to their daughter or the wife of their son.

It seems pretty romantic and very touching, but who know if that is what your daughter want, what if she has her own plan and your old and use Wedding Dress is nothing that a dream breaker for her? Plus if you buy something today and that seems old fashioned and untrendy in her time then paying that much money for the dress would seems trash.

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Would You Ever Rent Your Wedding Dress?
Rent Designer Wedding Dress

Rent the Runway is betting that there is plenty out there who want a more spendthrift option: renting your dress for your big day is a very interesting idea and they are pretty economical too.

Would You Ever Rent Your Wedding Dress?
countless Options to Rent Your Wedding Dress

You can pick any Wedding Dress or any designer dress and make your wedding day pictures luxuries and memorable and then return it back, no one would ever know that it was a rented dress , and you can save all the money you were planning to spend on your Wedding Dress.

Enjoy simple and affordable wedding and start a load free married life.

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