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Emma Watson Committed Feminist and Threatened

Emma Watson! Appointed ambassador for women’s rights by the United Nations, the actress Emma Watson has become a speech megaphone of feminism. Target of hackers and malcontents who threaten to publish pictures of her bare.

This issue, the British actress Emma Watson, who became known for her role as Hermione in the saga of the famous wizard, wanted to respond immediately during a speech in favor of women’s rights, delivered Sunday, September 21 at the UN headquarters in New York.

Emma Watson But what is the daughter of “Harry Potter” at the UN?

“We are now launching the campaign ‘HeForShe […] and I’m here because we need your help. We want to eliminate inequality between men and women and, to this end, we need all of you, “said she launched visibly moved by the invitation of the Secretary General of the UN. “This is the first such campaign in the UN. We must try to mobilize as many men and boys as possible to become advocates for change in terms of gender equality,” Has -she added.

Emma Watson

The young woman of 24 years and wants to gather a billion people to defend gender equality. “We not only want to discuss, but to ensure that this change is tangible,” then explained Emma Watson.

“Feminism has become unpopular”

Beyond this campaign for women’s rights, Emma Watson was keen to defend feminism “unpopular”. “I was appointed there six months or more I talk about feminism, the more I realize that this word has become synonymous with hatred towards men. If there is something I am sure is that it must stop because feminism is, by definition, the belief that men and women should have the same rights and the same opportunities, “and said the actress.

And substantiate her thoughts on her own experience. “I started to ask me questions about gender stereotypes when at the age of 8 years, I did not understand why they called me ‘the little master’ when I wanted to direct plays that we went up to our parents, not boys. ”

A few years later, it is the wage differences that revolt. And at that level, Hollywood is no exception. According to the magazine “Forbes”, the sum of the salaries of the ten highest paid actresses in 2013 (226 million) is only about half that of Hollywood actors – 419 million for the top ten male.

Emma Watson Committed Feminist and Threatened-

“I think it’s fair that I have paid as much as my male colleagues,” Emma Watson was incensed. “I think it’s fair to be able to make my own choices about my body. I think it’s just that women are involved in politics. I think it’s fair to have the same respect that men, “said she supported.

Threatened in the aftermath of her speech

Many criticisms were made ​​after hearing the appointment of Emma Watson as an ambassador, but once the speech ended, these voices have been driven into applause and vibrant tributes on the Web. Few speeches have made ​​as much noise.

This success was not to everyone’s liking. The day after his speech, Emma Watson was bullied by users of 4chan, an anonymous English forum, which threaten to release photos of her bare. “Emma you are the next” hackers launched Monday, September 22. The site shows a photo roughly trimmed the young woman in tears, accompanied by a count of four days.

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