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DIY Wedding Updo Hairstyle

There are lots of looks which a bride can make at home easily. I don’t like beauticians on weddings, because beauticians are for fashions shows or Hollywood, wedding is absolutely a personal and private affair. It should be very private and very personal. You are the one whom he proposed so you don’t really need anything to look beautiful for him. You should look beautiful and charming yet natural. You don’t need to hire hair stylist at all and today I am going to share a very simple DIY Wedding Updo Hairstyle. It will take no more than 45 minutes of yourself to get perfectly done; you can add some accessories too.

If you want to create this beautiful DIY Wedding Updo Hairstyle then you should try it before your wedding, to see how it looks and what sort of things you need to keep it perfect throughout the day, and what sort of things you need to make it look even irresistible.

DIY Wedding Updo Hairstyle

DIY Wedding Updo Hairstyle
DIY Wedding Updo Hairstyle for natural looks

It is very perfect look if you have smooth silky hair naturally, or otherwise you have to make your hair perfectly straight. You have to keep your hair supper straight to make it look groomed and perfectly done or you will look clumsy.

Shall we start with this look now? Before we start this beautiful DIY Wedding Updo Hairstyle you need to understand one thing, wash your hair night and apply lots of conditioner and leave it in your hair over night and then wash in the morning and then blow dry and then straight your hair in the morning.

DIY Wedding Updo Hairstyle
DIY Wedding Updo Hairstyle step by step


Now leave it in fresh air and do that hair style just before your wedding. We will prepare your hair, apply Frizz Control and styling cream to get perfect look and then part it in the middle or just slightly off-center, and blow it straight using a paddle brush, and now take the sharp end of a rat-tail comb diagonally in front of the ear, pointing it down toward the nape of the neck and now start twisting the hair around it, and keep adding more as you work your way around the head and then secure it with Booby Pins and now we will start the same one on the other side and clip this twist up with pins.

DIY Wedding Updo Hairstyle
DIY Wedding Updo Hairstyle with flowers

Now take both side and twists and complete the criss-cross just behind your neck and keep twisting and making knot till they come to ends now fix them with pins again too to secure them and turn them into a single mega-twist bun and secure it with a metal-free elastic. You need to use few bobby pins with strong-hold hairspray, and insert them to further anchor the bun and now you are ready to add some accessories, you can use flowers or you can use hair accessories and you are done to go.

Enjoy DIY Wedding Updo Hairstyle which looks with and without veil.

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