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DIY Facial Mask at Home With Natural Ingredients

Today I am going to share a very simple DIY facial which you can try at home and I am using very simple natural things so you don’t really need to be scared of side affects.

First of all we will try this twice a month and with that you need to follow a perfect skin cleaning routine and if you don’t have lots of time then apply some cleaning milk all of your face and rub till you get red and then cover your face with smooth wet worm cotton towel for good 10 minutes and then rub your face with it and then apply some toner and you are done and now I am going to help you get a DIY facial with natural things.

Now let me tell you one things, you need to give your skin good quality time and we will start with tying the hair, I apply lots of oil and massage a bit and then tie my hair well and that will give my hair some moisturizer too and keep my hair away from the face too.

DIY Facial Mask at Home With Natural Ingredients

Now we will take Plain yogurt which is a natural skin toner, rich moisturizer, and a perfect cleanser too and I always start with yogurt, take one cup of yogurt and now take one tablespoon yogurt on your palms and mix one small pinch of turmeric on it and mix it between your hand and apply it all over your face and let it get dry on your face and now take the reaming yogurt and mix one tablespoon oat powder and one tablespoon almonds powder in it and mix well and now keep it aside, don’t worry if it is a bit runny cause by the time you need it, it gets thick, now scrub off yogurt form your face and wash your face with warm water and then tab dry and apply the oats and yogurt and apply a thick layer all over your face and your neck and shoulder and sit for 30 minutes and then start scrubbing your DIY Facial Mask face with your finger tip in small circulation.

DIY Facial at Home

Now wash your face with warm water and splash chilled water all over your face, now take honey and some whole milk, and mix it well, and if you have tan or marks on your face then add some lemon juice in it too and apply it all over your face, and put it aside, now you need to take some steam, and wash your face with warm water and apply honey mask all over your face and neck and lay down on your back for 30 minutes and then wash it off with chilled water and take a mixture of Apple Cider Vinegar and Plain rose water and spray it all over your DIY Facial Mask and you are done.

DIY Facial Mask Recipe

You can make your own facial according to your skin tone and type, and you need to get an intense cleaning and scrubbing and then seal the impact with mask and tone your skin with toner; I hope that it would prove good for you DIY Facial Mask.

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