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Cristiano Ronaldo Depresses, Irina Shayk is a Party After Being Deceived!

Cristiano Ronaldo: A week after the formalization of the separation of Cristiano Ronaldo and Irina Shayk, footballer confessed through difficult times. Irina would have left after learning of infidelity of the Real Madrid star!

This Saturday, January 24, Real Madrid faced the Cordoba CF in the Spanish league. And if Real Madrid won the match 2 goals to 0, no thanks to Cristiano Ronaldo Indeed, in the 83rd minute, the Portuguese has literally lost it by hitting an opponent in the face.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Logically the referee pulled out a red card and the Golden Ball returned to the locker room early. A surprising move by Cristiano Ronaldo, who is not known to be a violent player back in training on Monday, so he wanted to apologize to its partners. But the reasons he cites are suprenantes.

“Cristiano Ronaldo gathered his teammates during training; he apologized for the expulsion and explained that this was not due to beatings during the match but because of personal problems, “said the journalist Enrique Brands Sports on Channel 13 TV. The player could also confess “does not have a good time.” He would feel “disoriented”.

Hard not to make the connection with his recent separation from Irina Shayk, This event also gives weight to the information on Page Six. Indeed, the US website says the couple separated after several infidelities of Cristiano Ronaldo. Irina Shayk would she left the soccer star after discovering that he was wrong?

Cristiano would he get for ruining her marriage?
In any case it would explain why Cristiano Ronaldo has the moral socks…

The expulsion of Cristiano Ronaldo after buggery shot:

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