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Corey Feldman ‘Take a Stand’ on Wild ‘Today Show’

Corey Feldman ‘Take a Stand’ on Wild ‘Today Show’ is an American actor and singer. He became well known during the 1980s, with roles as a youth in films such as The Fox and the Hound, Friday the 13th.

Corey Feldman Back on The Today Show Performing 'Take a Stand'

Take a Stand’ on Wild ‘Today Show’

Corey Feldman and his angel band returned to the Today Show Thursday for a ridiculous performance of his new song, “Take a Stand.”

He 80s star wore a shiny, gold jacket for the performance, accessorizing with a white hood with gold embellishments by Alan Joseph Designs, which he later removed to whip around his long, brown hair while dancing.

Corey Feldman Returns To Today Show For 'Take A Stand'

He teamed them with white trousers, coordinating with his ‘Angels,’ who all wore white mini dresses with halo and wing accessories.

Prior to the performance, Feldman spoke about “Take a Stand,” saying, “This song is for America! We’re at a time right now when the world needs to focus really on peace and love and tolerance, especially with all the bullying. So this is about the government, the race, the United States.

Corey Feldman Back on Today Show

He added, “As an artist, I simply do all that I can to bring a bit of joy and entertainment for my fellow man. I’m no better than you; I’m no less of a man. But I’m a flawed, fearless artist, presenting a band. My hope is you will see me, hear and feel me, and one day understands, that underneath the art, I’m simply a man.”

Watch Corey Feldman 'Take a Stand' on Wild 'Today Show

She didn’t prod him about his Angels, his backing band of “girls who are kind of lost and needed to find their way.” So now we have another Feldman performance, which you can view below. At one point, he pulls out an American flag, and unpatriotically misses his singing notes. It’s a mess, but thankfully for us, Today got what it wanted.

His name is Brian McMullen and he was on the phone with me and I was all depressed and I was crying. And he said, “Think of it this way. When Kiss first started, when Eminem first started, when Nirvana first started, they all got hate. People were turning them off at the radio stations. People were walking off the dance floor at the clubs because it didn’t make sense to them at that time. But those all became amazing legends.”

Corey Feldman Returns To 'Today' Show To 'Take A Stand'

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