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Christina Aguilera at Disneyland On the Occasion 34th Birthday

Christina Aguilera at Disneyland snubbed, insults Mickey

Scuffle between the entourage of the diva and the most beloved cartoon of all time

Christina Aguilera became the protagonist of a curtain anything but memorable in the magical setting of Disneyland. On the occasion of her 34th birthday, the pop star spent a day in the “branch” of the famous Californian chain of amusement park, as confirmed by an image posted on Instagram by the same singer.

Christina Aguilera

According to reports from the site TMZ , the diva he would take one of the many mice that circulate in the playground, guilty of having refused to meet the requirement of Aguilera to pose for the traditional souvenir photo.

Cashed the refusal of the appearance, the diva would have reprimanded the employee of Disneyland with an epithet decidedly not cute – stronz0! – until you get to resort to the phrase most abused by celebrities of various types in similar situations: ” But you know who I am? “.

Evidently Mickey unaware of being in front of one of the most important interpreters of the late ’90s, and so would have preferred answer Xtina and his entourage with a resounding, “wait, are on their lunch break. ” At this point, the former colleague of Britney Spears at the Mickey Mouse Club – ironies of life – would have insulted the poor puppet: an attitude replicated in equal measure by the dancers who accompanied him, so that Mickey would have been forced to move away to avoid the situation from degenerating to the delight of the children present…

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