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Charlize Theron for Dior Campaign Unveiled …

Charlize Theron while the output of the perfume “J’adore” by Dior is scheduled around Christmas, the luxury brand had fun publishing a teaser from a few seconds of their future campaign which is again Charlize Theron …

Charlize Theron It is the campaign is finally out! As expected, she is full of grace and sensuality. Charlize Theron is divine, covered and surrounded by gold. As it enters a huge room, a golden ribbon runs from the top of a dome, like a acrobat, Charlize used as a scale. Only his collar suffer because of the rise in road crashes. Under the sweet melody of London Grammar, Charlize dictates of his captivating voice: “The past can be beautiful, a memory, a dream, but it’s not a place to live Now it’s time The only way is up.. this is not paradise. this is a new world.’s future is golden. ”

Charlize Theron

Unveiled! Charlize Theron Dior Campaign

Besides being gorgeous and philosopher, Charlize amazes us as she realized all the figures without any liners. What a woman!

It is no surprise to find the sublime Charlize Theron in the new season Dior perfume J’Adore. Mythical icon of advertising for several years, during this prequel announcement Charlize band does not undress. The short video offers a wonderful plan for her long legs surrounded by gold and dressed in a voluptuous dress. The actress 39 years as a fashion model walking on a much more captivating than the previous melody London Grammar. Without the camera reveals her face on hearing hER voice saying “The future is golden.” What follows is a black screen informing us that the result will come from 3 September.

Dior knows how to put water in hER mouth and one suspects that with this next video campaign, sign the 10-year collaboration of Charlize as Egeria perfume J’Adore, the luxury brand will be remembered. With this new spot that promises sensual and graceful, Charlize will still turn heads!

All goes well for the young woman. While Vanity Fair magazine developed its read the best dressed personalities, Charlize is found alongside her husband, Sean Penn, in the first place as the most stylish pair of 2014 Love, career and family … Charlize seems have it all!

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