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Champagne Eye Makeup Tutorial & Smokey Eye Makeup

Today I am going to share a very simple look for the woman with brown eyes, or darker eyes, you just need to get a shade of champagne color according to your eyes and then you will see how magical it looks with your eyes.

Champagne color is basically a very rich and beautiful shade with create a very healthy look, and I am going to use a very rich and beautiful champagne pink shimmer shade and it will make your eyes look pop and bright and pure black liner look absolutely great with that and since we champagne pink shimmer is a very simple and cute shade and sharp black look great with this shade, so are you ready for a very glamorous and cute look?

Champagne Eye Makeup Tutorial

Eye Makeup Tutorial For Brown Eyes

It is a very formal look so I want you to make sure you have perfectly groomed and shaped eye brows and try to clean and maintain a healthy look cause it need a good well groomed protocol to get a perfect look, and we are going for medium coverage, we will ably bas and finish it with loss powder.

Now we will start with eye primer because I am going to use loss shimmer so I need something which work as glue for this look and we will apply primer and then we will apply a pure eye shad base to set the primer, after that we will start with champagne pink shimmer and try to take the silver or super light shad and apply all over the lid and blend well, I have used champagne pink powder shade all over the lid as base and I am not using shimmer all over, I am applying it on 1/2 of the lid with small shade brush and we tab apply over the lid and let it go on the inner corner of the eyes too and we will apply some under the tear duct too, and before we apply another shade on the remaining lid, Champagne Eye Makeup Tutorial we will take a small eye shade brush and we will blend harsh lines, and we will blend it in the inner corner and in the crease too.

Now we will take pure gold shade from the same platter, we actually need pure gold shade with very fine shimmery finish and we will take it with the small brush and apply on the outer ½ of the lid and we will tab apply it and then blend the harsh lines with small brush and let it go in the crease too, but don’t let it run over the champagne shimmer, but let the line sooth down between these two shads, Champagne Eye Makeup Tutorial.

Champagne Eye Makeup Tutorial

Now we will take chocolate brown mate powder shade with small angle brush and we will apply at the outer corner and create the outer V with that and blend it in the crease too and blend it under the lower lash line too, Champagne Eye Makeup Tutorial, extend the V a bit away from the natural V of your eyes and then take small angle brush and line under your lower lash line too.

Now with black gel liner, line your upper lash line, but don’t apply a dramatic liner, you just need to apply a smooth clean liner as close to your lash line as possible and then let it swing in outer corner in wing and finish the look with mascara Champagne Eye Makeup Tutorial.

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