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Brigitte Bardot turns 80, Saint-Tropez Organized TV Shows BB 50-60 Years

Brigitte Bardot Even if the icon “did not want to honor” the municipality of Saint-Tropez organized the distribution of TV shows BB 50-60 years.

World cinema icon, Brigitte Bardot celebrated Sunday in the privacy 80 years, with “two or three friends,” at her home in Saint-Tropez, a village to which it is closely related to and honoring him. For his birthday, BB “would have none at all,” says the journalist and writer Henry-Jean Servat, a close. “I ask people not to send me gifts, but to go to the nearest adopt a kitten or a puppy, or sponsor refuge,” said the star, staunch defender of animal rights, Europe 1.

Brigitte Bardot TV Shows

“I ask them a second thing is to eat less meat, so maybe reduce some of the meat trade and make fewer animals who are dragged there so terrible killing in slaughterhouses “has she said. “I’m not asking them to become vegetarians, but eating a little less meat.”

Brigitte Bardot

“She does not want gifts or flowers, that gives this to work, preferably in support of animals,” said Henry-Jean Servat. Sunday night at his residence in the Madrague – before which 250 bouquets were filed by fans, he says – it is only surrounded by members of his Foundation, Friends of passage and her husband, Bernard of ‘Ormale. Béatrice Dalle, Isabelle Adjani, Mylene Demongeot Chico or the Gipsy Kings, among others, have sent him messages, lists Heanry-Jean Servat.

“You are great! Are you crazy!”

Sunday morning, Brigitte received from the employees of its foundation a special edition of the magazine she edits, made in great secrecy. Messages of celebrities, Jean-Paul Belmondo, Michel Drucker and Philippe Bouvard responsible for French and foreign animal associations aided by Bardot Foundation therein.

Fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld has delivered a “monumental” cut orchids, with “extremely important” donation by check, says the foundation.

“You are great! Are you crazy! An avalanche of flowers this morning, a flood of happiness. I love you,” responded the actress on Twitter.

“Special atmosphere” in Saint-Tropez

In Saint-Tropez, the Var small port “it was the glory and contributed to his” reign “a special atmosphere,” said Henry-Jean Servat. “In all the windows, there are pictures of Brigitte Bardot.” Many boats are there in his honor.

The actress, who has not turned since 1973, made a brief appearance Friday on the mythical port, time for a brief photo opportunity before the Brigitte Bardot, the trimaran intervention of the NGO Sea Shepherd Canadian environmentalist Paul Watson. The activist, co-founder of Greenpeace and Sea Shepherd, known for his vigorous defense of marine animals, “could not come,” but sent one of his ships in tribute “to his girlfriend fighting,” said the Bardot Foundation. The ship arrived directly from the Faroe Islands where he was on a mission against the dolphin slaughter, before returning to action against “poachers from the sea.”

The meeting was advanced by 24 hours only lasted about ten minutes. Probably to avoid a stampede. “It is quickly attacked and when it comes out in his 4L with his dogs, everyone recognizes it and people run behind his car,” said one of his relatives. Years passed, but the reputation has remained intact.

“The icon of a generation”

Although BB “did not want to honor” the municipality of Saint-Tropez and the tourist office organized the distribution of TV shows BB 50-60 years in the small cinema where it is often rendered. “The only thing that made him happy is to review the TV shows she toured there more than 50 years, when she sang for the ORTF”; “Brigitte Bardot is in song,” says Henry-Jean Servat, who has acquired the “bobinos” with Ina. “It’s a way to celebrate Brigitte, in honoring him with Tropéziens and his city,” he said.

Saint-Tropez has experienced this summer in time BB with several photo exhibitions and Nice, from October 1, the Cinematheque offers Brigitte Bardot cycle with 25 films to “return to the exceptional career of a young dancer became the icon of a generation. “

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