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Bright Eye Makeup Tutorial & Neutral Bright Eye Makeup

Neutral Bright Eye Makeup Tutorial.I personally thing that blues or dark browns just enhance the dark circle I have around my eyes, thanks to my later night work routines, but few days back I had to try something with my light blue and purples dress and I had to try blue on my eyes, and I was thinking I will look horrible, but I acutely liked the Bright Eye Makeup Tutorial look.

Today we are going to try a very bright and bold look, although I was not going anywhere I was just getting bored and I thought to give blue a try and cause I was sure that I am not going somewhere so I decided to get in a bit brighter and a bit bolder look, I was not going to share it with all of you earlier, but still I took picks for my own self, yet I am sharing it with you cause I personally think, it looked Bright Eye Makeup Tutorial nice, see and tell me what you think about it now Bright Eye Makeup Tutorial.

Bright Eye Makeup TutorialBright Eye Makeup Tutorial

We will start with clean moisturized eyes, and I am adding some transparent primer all over the lid and some on the eye brow too, I have perfectly fine brows so I am not grooming it, then we will start with some base, I am using very light skin tone creamy base all over the lid, now we will take some creamy blue shadow and apply on the lid, not all over, just on the inner 2/3rd of the lid and then blend it a bit on the other lid too.

Now we will take plain smudgy Kajal and apply on the outer third of the lid, don’t need to smidge or keep steady hands, just apply on the outer lid over the blue shade, now you need to take some bright shiny blue eye shadow with flat brush and apply all over the lid, don’t rub, instead pat on the shade and the shade and the Kajal will add the required depth to the color and Bright Eye Makeup Tutorial the smoky effect to the outer half too.Neutral smokey Eye makeup picture tutorial

Now we will take some mat, powdered brown eye shadow with small fluffy blending brush and apply all over the crease area and use vertical way to blend it well over the crease, then take some shimmery brown and tab over the crease, but don’t blend, just add some shin on your crease.

Now you need to take thickest and the darkest eye liner you have and apply over waterline and tightline too and then take Kajal and apply over the lash line and then smudge it a bit with your finger and do the same with your lower lash line too, then take liner brush and add brown shiny shade with that and apply over lower lash line and then take some blue shiny one and apply a bit away from brown line.Neutral bright eye makeup tutorial

Now take light golden shimmery highlighter and apply on the brow bone and some on the inner corner of the eyes too and finish the look with mascara.

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