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Bright Eye Makeup Daytime Look

I told you other day that I resale MAC 120 Professional Palette once again and I have been trying some look with that beautiful and absolutely worth of each penny I spend on it once again, and I was trying a beautiful low profile look for a spring day and I wanted to create something which look beautiful and absolutely wearable even with some shade, I was planning to create a rainbow look, but then I used light orange pink and it looked pretty good so I switched to this look.

The look am creating here for all of you is absolutely cute and very natural, not dramatic at all, you would love for sure; and we will start with base, I am using tint moisturizer with this day look, don’t wanted to add any sort of drama in this look, now we will apply primer and blend well, now we need to give it some time to get fully absorbed and meanwhile we will groom the eye brows.

Bright Eye Makeup

Bright Eyeshadow Tips

Now take nude or lighter than your skin tone shade and apply it all over your lid, you can use white eye pencil to get brighter look too, then blend well, now take nice MUA pink orange matte eye shadow with a small brush and we will apply it at the outer corner of the lid, apply a rich amount on the outer lid and then apply some under the lower lash line too and blend well, blend inward over the crease.

Bright Eye Makeup Ideas

We will blend the shade on the outer 1/3 and blend well, then we will take the lightest orange or yellow shade and blend from inner corner to outer corner, it will not only lighten the previous shade, but it will help you get a bright spring look too, now we will take light brown shade and add over the crease to add some intensity and blend it supper well to create a natural look.

Bright Eye Makeup Daytime Look

Now we will take lightest yellow or nude shade and apply on the inner corner or your eye and on the tear duct too and blend well and blend the same shade on the ½ of the inner part of your eyes too, on both sides, on upper lash line and on the lower lash line too, and apply the same shade on the brow bone too to add some glow too.

Fresh Bright Eye Makeup Tutorial

Now we will darkest plum liner or darkest gray line and we will line a very thin and very steady line on the upper lash line and on the lower lash line and joint them both on the outer corner and make it wing and finish the  look with plum or darkest gray mascara.

Bright Eye Makeup For Blue Eyes

I am not using any shade on water line, but you can use darkest plum or gray over your water line and use natural shade on your lips and on your cheeks with this look.

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