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Beyoncé & Jay Z On The Met Gala Red Carpet

We have been talking about the celebration of Met Gala for a while now and I could not finish the discussion without my all time favorite couple, I cannot finish the talk before talking about The Beyoncé & Jay Z On The Met Gala Red Carpet, the sweetest and the cutest couple I know celebrated their sixth wedding anniversary this year and they were looking like they marrying this month, they were looking happier that Kim and Kenya actually, Beyoncé & Jay Z On The Met Gala Red Carpet were looking the love birds and I think they both are more than in love after the baby Blue and you would not believe Jay Z knewl on one knee in front of his stunning wife Beyonce Knowles and we all saw her smiling and wearing the ring on her ring finger again, she was wearing a stunning Givenchy at the Met Gala on Monday night and they both were looking absolutely stunning..

Beyoncé & Jay Z On The Met Gala Red Carpet
It was so sweet and romantic watching the biggest romantic gesture there on red carpet, Beyonce, 33, looking like the happiest woman alive as Jay put a ring on it, I must say they absolutely the cutest couple at the moment the way Jay Z whipped out some chivalrous moves for Beyonce, who was dressed in Givenchy.Beyoncé & Jay Z On The Met Gala Red Carpet

she actually lost her ring, but Jay Z found it and while she pulled her hand to take the ring, he held her hand and put the ring and she was busting in giggling while he knelt on his knee and couple looked more in love than ever before as they put on a show for the cameras and she was looking absolutely stunning in a very cute and elegant gown.Beyoncé & Jay Z On The Met Gala Red Carpet
Beyoncé’s embellished black dress is by Givenchy and it’s an elegant but sexy take on white tie dressing, we do love the plunging neckline which was a very huge risk and I was thinking that no one if then Bee is going to be on news for dress malfunction, but of course her modesty was covered at all times, she was not carrying yards and yards of fabric, but it had lots of beads which made it pretty heavy and the veil may be a bit of a Marmite piece but we definitely love it, she was looking like the QUEEN BEE.Beyoncé & Jay Z On The Met Gala Red Carpet
She was wearing very natural makeup beside her sharp lips and she was carrying her look very sweetly, even though she was the most perfect woman in the crowd, still she was so sweet to everyone and posing for every camera and every cell phoneBeyoncé & Jay Z On The Met Gala Red Carpet


Her sheer dress was showing off her perfect curvy figure very nicely yet very classy without getting too bold and show off, she was not trying to get negative attention with her super sheer dress there, and she does not even need it anyways, they both looked great, especially when Jay-Z bend down his knee, it was a sweet and spontaneous gesture.

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