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Beyonce Album Release! New Version of Beyonce Album Out On Nov 24

Beyonce album release on Tuesday opened a few million sales box titled album of her group was announced as the new study takes it as the top earning women in music.

Surprise that she would release another album following the rumors, Beyonce said the singer Platinum Edition two-CD and two DVD-ROM drive, two new songs, star assistants and video from the concert will feature four new remixes.

Edition which goes on sale on November 24 before the holiday shopping season – with a full album, Beyonce, who was accidentally released on ITunes in December to advertising there.

Beyonce Album Release Out On Nov 24

Beyonce Album Release! New Version of Beyonce Album Out On Nov 24

Call rumors that Beyonce will be other surprises nature of the material is planning a completely new album.

Since the weekend, the social networking company to record note that seemed to describe the upcoming release of Beyonce, raising hopes among her supporters were buzzing in the picture.

The alleged memo says that the four-disc set is physically “on Monday, November 25,” will be released November 25, Tuesday.

The album was Beyonce, each song sold over 3.5 million copies worldwide with video, Itunes sales record debut violations and spawned hits including XO and drunk love, made her husband Jay Z.

On Tuesday in the ranking, Forbes magazine said Beyonce was the highest grossing music business woman. US $ 115 million won (S 149 million US dollars) last year, in June and July this year – twice in the US was more than $ 53 million last year, says the magazine.

Taylor Swift took the second place with $ 64 billion. The period appears on the last week of its release in 1989, which is expected to be the biggest selling album of the year covered by this calendar.

Pink, which was largely focused on the road, the third highest grossing musical woman, Rihanna and Katy Perry in the second.

Beyonce annoys several large retailers in the first self-titled album, released on ITunes last year, together with conventional digital and physical sales clean temporary.

Alleged memo said that social media is the first released from her album on Itunes November 14 announcement Beyonce not to mention the versions on Itunes.

The alleged memo also said the release of Beyonce, Rihanna, Justin Timberlake and Nicki Minaj, which will be – when exactly – can explain one of the main roles in the boxed set of forecasts.

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