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How to Apply Best Eyeshadow For Blue Eyes and Red Hair

Best Eyeshadow For Blue Eyes, Redheads can be easily found but finding out right eye makeup tips for redheads can give you tough time. Auburns are usually blessed with desirable green, blue or hazel eyes and hence one must be very careful while choosing eyeshadow colors and pick off ones that can emphasize their eyes without playing their gorgeous red tresses down. This post is all about best eyeshadow color tips for blue eyes and red hair; check out!!!

How to Apply Best Eyeshadow For Blue Eyes

Best Eyeshadow For Blue Eyes


Best Eyeshadow For Blue Eyes

It is one amongst the best eye makeup shades blue-eyed redheads can settle on. Thanks to being the complimentary color to blue (on the color wheel), orange hues magnifies your blue while going in perfect harmony with your red hair as well.

Khaki Green

Best Eyeshadow For Blue Eyes

When it comes to eyeshadow choice, redhead with blue eyes can never go wrong on khaki green color. Applied proficiently all over your lids, khaki green eyeshade will make your blue eyes appear bluer and play your red hair up without being over-dramatic.


Best Eyeshadow For Blue Eyes

While redheads usually feel hesitant to play around with purples, but believe me they look really cool on redheads especially when red hair is paired with blue eyes. Think about wearing dark purple or deep plum eyeshade and finalize the look with black eyeliner and mascara to make your personality more enviable.


Best Eyeshadow For Blue Eyes

Dear redheads, if you’re looking for something much girlish and feminine, go for coppers, bronzes, or golds. Shades of gold, copper and bronze can do wonder to accentuate your hairs’ and eyes’ color and hence enhance your entire personality.

Earthy Tones

Best Eyeshadow For Blue Eyes

Earthy tones may prove best pal to the blue-eyed auburns. Hues like pinkish brown, peach, green and nude coffee work really well to highlight the red hair and making the baby-blues stand out.

So, all the blue beauties out there give our eyeshadow tips a shot and collect flattering remarks from your partner.

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