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Belieber of the Week Award Goes To This Young Lady

Beliebers are really the craziest fans of world’s famous pop icon Justin Biember! We have seen crying and screaming fans at The Back Street Boys’s concerts have seen shouting girls go crazy at Justin Timberlake’s curls have also witnessed girls passing out of happiness at Jonas Bro’s tour and all that dedication of a fan just makes our heart ooze of warmth and joy.

When it comes to Justin Beiber and his Beliebers Normal Screaming and passing out just never does it for them. Here is why we think JB’s Beleibers are at the top of our fan-girling list.

Sarah Thompson takes the gold and is our Belieber of the week because two hits of a huge metal hunk weren’t enough to keep this girl away from having her moment with Justin.

Belieber of the Week Award

So getting hit by a Vehicle is nothing compared to a selfie with the Beibs. Her single retweet got got 42000 RT’s and is still going.

Belieber of the Week Award Goes To This Young LadySo Apparently Sarah topped the craziest fan list when she actually got hit twice by the vehicle Justin was in just so she could get a glimpse of JB on her camera and ahem be with him in the picture too though we can only see half of her face in the picture the blow was worth the risk because this actually got her noticed by THE BEIBS. Sarah’s tweet to Justin was umm something alright @sthompson618 “JUSTIN BEIBER I GOT HIT BY UR CAR TWICE TODAY BUT ITS OK BECAUSE I LOVE YOU.

Belieber of the Week Award Goes To This Young Lady


Seriously should we say awwww or ‘awkward’ so confused but hey never ever underestimate a Beleiber. And Sarah’s effort did not go to waste at all because she did get her partial selfie with JB that she was actually afte… Yup that’s our girl right there at the bottom right of the picture.. awwww

Belieber of the Week Award Goes To This Young Lady

Now Justin posted this picture to his twitter without actually mentioning the fan he is with but we assure you that this is Sarah and this might be her happy face.

Or the poor girl was so happy that she actually forgot to smile .seriously awwwww…So basically sometimes getting hit by a car can win you a ticket to a happy selfie with JB.


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