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Beauty Secrets Every Teen Should Know

Beauty Secrets Every Teen Look Beautiful

You just turned 13th and I bet the first teen years would be treating you well, very well! and you would be facing so many medical and beauty issues, I am not going to talk about medical issues in this blog, we will talk about some simple tips you need to know to look beautiful during your teen days.

First thing first I want you to do is keep your skin as clean and as possible, take a bath regularly, don’t bite your nails and don’t touch your face too much, keep your skin healthy and beautiful, if you are getting skin issues then it’s ok, everyone does and it’s not a big issue, don’t get pick or frustrated, it will make the things worse, get a processional opinion for your skin and keep it safe and healthy, and now we will share some simple beauty tips that I wish I knew when I was in my teens.

Beauty Secrets Every Teen Should Know

Use tint moisturizer or BB cream, foundation or concealer is for your 20+ age, your skin is super delicate at this time, so don’t ruin it with harsh cosmetics, moisturizer and lose powered is fine and if you have beautiful skin then don’t use anything at all and go with a moisturizer which has a highest sunscreens possible, don’t let your face tell everyone that you are wear lots of makeup, this is the time when you can actually look absolutely gorgeous with bear face, you can go out with dewy and natural.

If you have some skin issue you want to hide, put a bit of concealer on the pad of a finger and pat it in, don’t rub, tab, tab, tab and then set it with powder, and take a breath, its ok Beauty Secrets Every Teen.

Beauty Secrets Every Teen

If you want to know how to look cute then apply some lip gloss on your lips and that’s it, but don’t apply a smoky eyes and hot red lips in one day look, it’s horrible, if you really want to apply something on your eyes then apply some nude shimmer with some liner and mascara and that’s it, you are not in the age of smoky eyes yet, so enjoy the age you are in, if you want to apply bright shads on your lips the let your eyes go absolutely nude, apply some mascara and that’s it, don’t make your face a cosmetic add, Beauty Secrets Every Teen.

Every Day Beauty Tips

You have beautiful  cheeks and I bet you would have some natural glow on your face too, you don’t need to add any shade at all, just leave it alone, but if you are going somewhere special and you want to try blush then go for natural shade, never ever match your blush with your lips or eyes, use natural shade and apply on your cheeks and then take plain nude lose powder with big fluffy brush and blend the shade with it all over your cheek, you can use little highlighter with your lose powder too, and you will like a natural glow and shade on your cheeks Beauty Secrets Every Teen.

Natural Beauty Secrets

Keep your hair neat and clean and nicely done; don’t let them on your face all the time because they can make your face look oilier and it can be a very strong reason behind acne and all the skin issues people normally get during their teens. Eat healthy and well balanced diet and drink lots of water and try to keep your skin clean and healthy Beauty Secrets Every Teen.

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