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Ariana Grande Talks About Her Childhood “I Was Dark and Disturbed!”

Ariana Grande asked in the columns of the latest edition of the magazine “Billboard” Ariana Grande said she is not the kind of sweet little girl … she seems to be wary of appearances! Catapulted to the forefront of the music scene in 2008, the lovely Ariana Grande continuous cartoning over the years.

From the top of its 53 meters, the 21 year old starlet, however, did not cease to amaze her fans … Starting with those who thought she was a little girl, sweet and innocent!

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande Is that it hides her game!

In an unpublished interview with Billboard magazine, the young single pours indeed unapologetic about her childhood. Claiming to have been a “dark and troubled” teenager, who plays My Everything admits she is not at all what we imagine.

“People see me as a cute little thing except that I am the most ironic that the person you will ever meet,” she says again. Before delivering some very amazing examples of her childhood.

“There was a period when I was aged 3 or 4 years old, my mother thought I was going to become a serial killer. I always wanted to do my makeup or wear a skeleton mask Freddy Krueger. I was as a sort of mini-Helena Bonham Carter, “she adds. Scary, indeed!

But the details do not stop there.

“For my fifth birthday, we chose the theme of” Jaws, “and all my friends left the party in tears. I’m always like that. Except that when I was little, it was more disturbing “she concludes.

That should calm the ardor of its fans most fans …

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