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Amber Rose Reveals Wedding Photos with Wiz Khalifa for their Cotton Wedding!

Amber Rose reveals wedding photos again, her love for the man who became her husband there one year hair cell. For the occasion, she shared unpublished pictures of their wedding …

The beautiful Amber Rose said “Yes” to rapper Wiz Khalifa there about a year to the day in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where the singer was born. The rap star who is very proud of his wife’s physical and do not hesitate to share it online, chose a rather unusual color for this very special day …

Amber Rose Reveals Wedding Photos

Amber Rose Reveals Wedding Photos

The luscious Amber has wanted to share photos with their fans the best day of their lives. The first shot on a young woman with her lovely mom, and the second, the couple posed with the adorable Sebastian then 6 months old. This is Amber who holds it in her arms, she is dressed in white, with a white and black tie that has a point with her little Converse also bi-color. It accompanies this picture of a cute message: “Today was the day we exchanged our vows before God and our families soon as I met you I knew you were right for me darling. . Happy first wedding anniversary, and many more to come. ”

Amber Rose Reveals Wedding Photos

The bride wears a large white strapless dress with lots of lace ruffles on the skirt. In the abdomen, the skin bustier reveals the fashionista by combining lace transparent tulle. A sexy dress like the one who wears it. On her blond head she’s still a beautiful headband end diamond color of her earrings.

Amber Rose Reveals Wedding Photos for their Cotton Wedding!-01

Amber Rose reveals wedding photos, Her husband meanwhile made ​​a particular choice. Indeed, the singer of “Black and Yellow” was, like almost all men at their wedding, black pants clip, a white shirt with black buttons and a stylish bow tie. But over the shirt, Wiz Khalifa did in fantasy since she donned a hot pink jacket! She wore a watch very bling bling gold and diamond in her left wrist, and her hair was composed of thin dreadlocks, as usual.

Happy cotton wedding Wiz and Amber! What do you think of the pictures below dess?

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