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Adriana Karembeu Photos! Her Husband Was Not Really “My Cup Of Tea”!

Adriana Karembeu Photos! Flushed with her ​​second husband, businessman Andre Ohanian, Adriana Karembeu now lives happily … And yet, their romance was rather bad start!

Adriana Karembeu is a fulfilled woman, and it shows!

Married since 14 June at the businessman Andre Ohanian, the bomb 43 years is endless actually show more happiness.

On 12 September, the couple was well displayed together on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the French Red Cross, to Paris, to the delight of photographers. Radiant and fulfilled, honeymooners had multiplied playful poses and accomplices during the event.

Adriana Karembeu Photos

Adriana Karembeu Photos And Story For Her Fans

If she now lives a fairy tale with the one she loves, the facilitator sublime however, has never hidden the fact that things had rather bad start them!

Adriana Karembeu Eyebrow with smokey eye makeup

Adriana Karembeu Photos, According to France Sunday, citing in its issue of Friday, September 19 from the book I come from a country that no longer exists, Adriana Karembeu in fact admits in her memoirs that their meeting was a fiasco!

Adriana Karembeu Long Hairstyles

At the time, the pretty blonde was accompanied by her partner to try to sell her brand of cosmetics at the luxurious Andre Ohanian located in Marrakech.

“Obviously he was not paying me much attention,” the main interest when she learns that her husband did not even know of its existence writing.

Adriana Karembeu Long Hairstyles-

“Worse yet, while watching spouting clumsy jokes in an incomprehensible gibberish, former top it is little interest (…) But more importantly, she was outraged when he launched in the wings of ‘Cagole! ‘whenever a girl passes by, “write our colleagues.

Adriana Karembeu Round Face Short Haircut with makeup

Far from being seduced (“It was not my cup of tea … As for the charm … He seemed totally unprepared!” She loose), the Slovak star does not hesitate to compare the face Andre to “that of a boxer” and encourage his partner “to make it disappear from sight”! “Rid me of this,” she would have happily firmly told.

sklenarikova legs

Until the day humor and sharp mind have finally won! “Little by little, I began to appreciate his quirky humor,” she says in her book.

sklenarikova legs-

Charmed by “outspokenness” and “joie de vivre” of her future lover, Adriana quickly can live without him, to the point of staying “9:45 by the clock” on the phone. Magic Ohanian was then made​​: a true ploy paid off … For better and for laughter!

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