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7 Homemade Best Cures For Pimples

It is interesting that how Cures For Pimples. Pimples are actually small blisters and boils with white filling and reddish appearance come out on face skin mostly. People who have skin of oily texture have more pimples in quantity than that have medium or normal skin. Acne or pimples explosion is common among all ages and people whether be men or women, children, boys and girls.

7 Homemade Best Cures For Pimples

Best Cures For Pimples

There are many ways to cure the recurrence of acne but most suggestive and useful ways are homemade methods because already skin blemishes cause irritation and itchiness the use of cosmetic or chemicals can produce more challenging results and we all know how sensitive is our face skin. Following are useful ways to remove pimples.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar that has many health benefits such it is used for weight loss, balancing diet and also for beauty of skin. It kills bacteria that cause acne and apply freshness to your face. Take a small quantity of vinegar unprocessed with fresh water. Take 1 ratio quantity of vinegar with 3 ratio of water mix it up and apply on face using cotton for 10 minutes then rinse with water.

Apple Cider Vinegar Pimples Overnight

Tea Tree Oil

To is famous and use to cure skin diseases due to its antibacterial and antiseptic properties. Take few drops of raw or 100% organic tea tree oil and apply directly on affected area for 15 to 20 minutes repeat process daily.

Tea Tree Oil For Pimples

Neem Leaves Remedy

Cures for pimples is necessary for flawless skin. It is very old way to use neem for acne or septic due to its anti-fungal properties it actually kills bacteria and reduces the chances for acne. You can intake neem water directly or wash your face with water leaves of neem.

Neem Leaves Remedy For Pimples

Green Tea For Acne

Due to its antioxidant effect it helps to fight against pimples also helpful in removing pimple marks keep wet teabags of green tea on acne for 15 minutes after dipping it in fresh water make water by boiling tea bags in water after cooling water wash your face with this water.

Green Tea For Acne

Egg For Pimples

Take 1 egg without yolk and shake it with beater apply its 2 to 5 layers on skin when they become dry well peel them off with hands or rinse your face with water.

Egg For Pimples

Peels of Banana

Don’t waste peels of banana because they can do something good for you. Take peel of 1 banana and rub it on your pimples directly for 5 minutes it will help to cure pimples.

Peels of Banana For Pimples

Honey For Removing Acne

Honey has wonderful results for removing and curing blemishes on faces apply honey with lemon drops mix it well and apply on face as a face pack wash out face after 10 minutes.

Honey For Removing Acne


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