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10 Ways Your Makeup Tricks Can Make You Look Younger

10 Ways Your Makeup Tricks Can Make You Look Younger.If you are here to get some tricks to get beautiful healthy looking skin that can give you a younger looking appearance then you are on right page;) you just need to do one thing, take a magnifying mirror and that is the first thing you need for sure, cause when we grow old, we actually lose the eyes power too, and if you want to treat skin issue , you need to know them well too, and for that you can use magnifying mirror and now we are sharing some simple tricks to get brighter younger looking skin with cosmetics.10 Makeup Tricks To Look Younger
Next thing you need to do is pay attention on your skin, for that you need to maintain a healthy skin cleaning routine, clean your skin with cleaning milk and then tone it off with best toner possible, and scrub your face 4 times a week, with mild scrubber and if you use alum powder or fine rice powder then you can actually use it every day, apply hydrating and toning mask three times a week although you can use egg white or ageing mask everyday.Ways to Look Younger Using Just Makeup

10 Ways Your Makeup Tricks

  • When even you start your makeup then wash your face with worm water and then scrub your face with muslin cloth and rub ice all over your face, and if you have time then try to get full cleaning and scrubbing before that and it will give you a smoother and younger looking skin.
  • Now start with moisturizing and I would say always take some good vitamin E or Consistency serum in your hands and add some moisturizer and rub it well and then apply it all over your face and around your neck too and tab to get it fully absorbed, moisturizer is very important for your looks, never ever even think about applying makeup before slathering on some moisturizer cause that will not only plum your skin up, will sooth your skin and moisturizer too.
  • Always go for liquid based moisturizer and apply with brush, it will give you the right coverage, even if you have been using your own hands to apply the foundation or concealer over your face, but now it is time to get some PRO touch to get perfect looks, now apply foundation and then spread it with brush, now take a clean sponge and soak it in worm water and squeeze it off, now take a clean towel and press your sponger between two layers of that towel , now use that sponge to blend your base well, it will give you the best blending possible.
  • If you are going somewhere super special then take your foundation and add some luminescent particles or lightweight liquid foundations with some shin in it and apply it all over your face and blend well, it will give you the right and perfect youthful glow, a light-reflective liquid formula creates the illusion of a glowing complexion and will give you glamorous touch too.
  • If you have fine lines and wrinkles then it is time to start using a lightweight liquid foundation cause thick formulas and pressed powders will not only enhance the look of your lines, but will make you look even older and dull, and if you are using luminescent tinted moisturizer then try to get a shade darker than your own skin tone and blend, worm up between your hands and apply perfectly.
  • As we grow old, our skin becomes lighter and more translucent and for that you should worm up the tones of shade you use on your skin so look for a foundation in a shade darker than your old one and it would be better if you pick something creamy either oil based or gel based and see for the one that has slightly shin in it.
  • Concealer might be made to cover, but if you use the wrong shade or way then it will only make your issues even more prominent, so if your dark circles, manchas, and redness are making your skin look old then try gel-based concealer which goes on smooth, brightens dark spots, and minimizes imperfections without getting cakey and dry.
  • Pay all of your attention on your skin and then your eyes, follow all the steps, apply moisturizer and primer, foundation or concealer, then base, use lash curling which is the easiest ways to make eyes look more open and awake and then apply couple of coats of a lengthening and volumizing mascara and then apply darker shade of liner over your tightlin and a lights hade under your lower lash line and use white shade on your water line.
  • Apply shade on your cheeks but not too dark or too thick, heavy blush powders make you look older looking, so look for a creamy formula which looks pretty nice and natural and it’s so easy to blend the creamy one.
  • Last but not least, if you don’t have time to give your lipstick a full protocol then skip it completely, use lip gloss.

Best of luck.10 Makeup Mistakes That Are Aging You

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